A little about the musician...

Dan Radank was born in Milwaukee, WI on St Patrick's Day in 1977 and was in the lime-light on day 1. His mother, Patty, was also a St Patrick's Day baby and the local news was there to film her sing Oh Danny Boy to him on their birthday. Music was the first thing he heard and it never left him.

His father, Tom, was working as a professional trumpet player in Milwaukee when Dan was born and always had great jazz playing in the house. By age 11, Dan was ready to pick up an instrument and, no surprise to anyone in the family, it was the trumpet.

Having been taught by his father, and now living in northern Kentucky, Dan excelled in band through middle school and high school, participating in The All-State Jazz Band and being selected for the Kiwanis Youth Award as well as the Governor's School for the Arts. He received a scholarship to the University of Louisville, where he played with all three jazz ensembles as well as many small groups. After three semesters, Dan decided to leave school to play professionally, becoming involved with a local group called Bobby J and The Flying Martinis. For four years they were a premier group in the Louisville jazz scene playing many of the great works of the American songbook done in the classic Sinatra style. It was at this point that Dan found his voice, singing along with the great recordings while trying to learn their phrasing. He began singing at jam sessions and open mic nights. It wasn't long before friends and colleagues urged him to start singing professionally. He did and enjoyed success in the Louisville area.

In 2007, Dan moved back to Cincinnati to be closer to his family and now works with some of the best musicians in the city. Piano players such as Brian Batchelor-Glader (BBG), Steve Schmidt, Phil Degreg, Phil Burkhead, and
Don Steins just to name a few. You can also see him headlining such bands as Powerhouse, The Bluewater Kings, and The Chairman of the Board Orchestra. His book, The Old Green Eyes Fakebook, has increased to over 500 songs and continues to grow. He loves to play "Stump The Band", so bring a request of your favorite Great American Songbook tune.